I am a fifth generation New Orleans native, My husband Austin and I now call Texas home.  We moved to the Austin area after Hurricane Katrina.  Katrina was a "challenge", so we picked up, moved and made a conscious decision to not look at the future preparing for kicks in the derriere, but as a love story being written in real life time.  Making pralines is a birth right for me, my family has been making pralines for generations. In fact our pralines are as rich in history as they are in flavor. I learned the art from the best, who by the way never owned a candy thermometer or a printed recipe, these ladies were chemist.  They were master chefs who seemed to never stop creating new secrets and memories. Learning to cook was just a natural part of our culture and you did it as you observed and were instructed.  It is our passion to be  the "unique wedding favor and special event gift and dessert go to specialist"  that our clients and customers turn to, trust and share with their family, friends and guests.  Creating an amazing, over the top experience for you is our goal.  




Genuinely New Orleanian, Uniquely Texan

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